(Audio) Ecouter Wakhtaanu Fajar, The morning show: Burdah, Chapter 2: Restraining lust and carnal desires.


Chapter Two

Concerning restraining lust and carnal desires.

In this chapter Allamah Busairi R.A. mentions two reasons for restraining of lust and carnal desires.

Firstly: A person falls in love due to lust and carnal desires. After mentioning love in the first chapter he now mentions restraining lust and carnal desires. He also mentions that his entire life has been spent in sin. He sincerely regrets what he has done and repents to Allah Ta’aala.

Secondly: Restraining lust and carnal desires is essential for gaining love for Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. The love which has for Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, is a pure love and can only be attained by purifying oneself of lust and carnal desires.

Verily my soul which is laden evil did not heed the advice.

Due to its ignorance, from the warning by grey hair and old age.

And I have not prepared, for good deeds, a feast,

For a guest (that) has lodged on (my) head nor did I honour (him).

Had I known that I would not be able to honour him (it).

I would have concealed my secret, which is exposed, by dyeing.

Who is there that can restrain my wayward-self from its waywardness.

Just as unmanageable horses are restrained by resins.

Do not try, through sinning, to subdue sensual desires.

For verily food, only increases sensual desires.

Your self (desires) is like when breastfed.

Loves suckling but when you wean it, will stop.

Then stop its inclinations and beware that it does not overpower you.

Verily lust whenever it overpowers (it will) kill or maim (your character).

And guard it while it is grazing in (the field of ) actions

If it enjoys pasture, do not let it roam (graze) freely.

How often has pleasure been considered good, whereas it turned out to be deadly.

Because he does not know that there is poison in the fat.

And fear the evil of (both) hunger and satiation.

For most times hungers (poverty) is more evil that overeating.

And shed tears from those eyes which have become full.

Of forbidden sights and regard it as obligatory (upon yourself) to guard your eyes from forbidden things.

And oppose (your) self (nafs) and shaytaan and disobey them both.

And if both of them give you sincere advice regard it as lies.

And do not obey them both (nafs and shaytaan) as an enemy or as a wise (person).

For you know well the deception of (such) an enemy or a wise (person).

I seek forgiveness from Allah from such sayings (preachings) which I do practice upon.

For verily I have attributed (claimed), through this, offspring from a barren woman.

I command you to do good but I do not command myself to do the same.

And I was not steadfast ( on deen) so then of what use (value) is my saying to you: “Be steadfast!” (on deen).

And I made no provisions before death of voluntary (nafl) worship.

And I did not perform salaat nor did I fast except what was obligatory.



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