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(Audio) Fatwa Show du 28 mai 2012: Population du Senegal : 97% de Musulmans, 2% de chretiens – 97% de fêtes chrétiennes et 2% de fêtes musulmanes: Hypocrisie oblige

(Audio) FI RYIADIL QURAN du 31 mai 2012: AL BAQARA PART 5

(Audio) Sunu Afrik Radio du 27 mai 2012

(Audio) Radio Mourid International du 24 mai 2012

(Audio) FI RYIADIL QURAN du 24 mai 2012: AL BAQARA PART 4

(Audio) Pular Radio Speaking du 24 mai 2012

(Audio) Ettu Kocc de Radio Penthioum Rewmi du 24 mai 2012

(Audio) Radio Daaray Islam (Tivaoune) du 23 mai 2012

(Audio) Radio Medina BAYE du 23 mai 2012

A fter the Truth what is there save error? Qur’an, 10:32

Be drunk on Love, for only
Love exists; there’s
No meeting the Beloved without
Love as herald.
They ask, “What’s Love?”
Reply, ‘Renouncing the will.’
He who hasn’t tossed will aside
doesn’t know God.

The Lover is a monarch:
two worlds lie at his feet;
The King pays no attention
to what lies under his.

It’s Love and the lover that live eternally;
Set your heart on this only:
the rest is borrowed.
JLALALU’DDIN RUMI (1207 – 1273)

Y ou fancy this world is permanent of itself
And endures because of its own nature,
But really it is a ray of light from the Truth
And within it the Truth is concealed.
The Secret Rose Garden

After the Truth what is there save error?
Qur’an, 10:32

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