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Hikam, wisdom n*133

Veiling is of two kinds:
veiling of disobedience, and veiling in it.
Common people seek God’s veiling
in disobedience
out of the fear of falling in rank among mankind.
The elect seek the veiling of disobedience
out of the fear of falling from the sight of God,
the True King.


Hikam, wisdom n*132

You are more in need of His forbearance when you obey
Him than you are when you disobey Him.


Hikam, wisdom n*131

Were it not for the kindliness of His veiling,
no deed would be worthy of acceptance.


Hikam, wisdom n*130

If you were to be united with Him
only after the extinction of your vices
and the effacement of your pretensions,
you would never be united with Him!
Instead, when He wants to unite you to Himself,
He covers your attribute with His Attribute
and hides your quality with His Quality.
And thus He unites you to Himself
by virtue of what comes from Him to you,
not by virtue of what goes from you to Him.


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