Executive Summary

The Islamic Cultural Foundation of America (ICFA) is an innovative 501(c)(3) organization that exists to promote and support family self-sufficiency and well-being, and to facilitate community empowerment amongst the population in and around Staten Island, with a focus on serving a diverse community of Muslims and non-Muslims. Supporting the development of confidence, employability, and self-sufficiency in a culturally sensitive, inclusive environment, ICFA provides many local individuals and families with a thorough foundation for future success.

Our Mission

The mission of this organization is to develop spiritual, cultural, intellectual, and physical resources to foster family stability, to promote communal and societal advancement with diligence and excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a model community for humanity, and a beacon for spiritual and cultural guidance.

Established in 2013, ICFA Inc. develops spiritual, intellectual and physical resources to foster family stability, promote communal and societal advancement with due diligence and excellence. Recognizing an emerging need for family support services on Staten Island, and located in an area where the heart of the area’s immigrant community lies, our organization fulfills its mission by providing a wide array of services via our established community development center, including, among others, social services, after-school programs, English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes, adult continuing education, GED preparation, job placement and training services.