Mission Statement:

ICFA Inc.  develops spiritual, intellectual and physical resources to foster family stability, promote communal and societal advancement with due diligence and excellence.

Vision Statement:

ICFA Inc. is a model community for humanity, and beacon of Islamic guidance

Weekend Classes/Program:

Classes are held by the Imam & other qualified teachers  to teach Qura’n from beginner to and advancement level. Students are given individualized attention based on their needs and their level.


To create a community that fosters family stability through Islamic values, education and social activities


1. Designate a recreational facility for our Muslim youth and their families.

2. Establish a full-time Islamic school Kindergarten to 5.

3. To increase youth development and leadership through participation.

Community Committee:


to establish outreach programs that will involve ICFA and the surrounding neighborhood and community, and to increase the awareness of Islam and the existence of ICFA by having educational and social activities throughout the year.


1. Organize and provide neighborhood cleanup

2. After School Program

3. Good Fair

4. Community awareness day

5. Food pantry

6. Clothes pantry

7. Library program